Shocking Facts on Burglary and Other Household Theft in the United Kingdom


Burglary is becoming more common in the United Kingdom, and people are getting worried because they do not know when the thieves might attack. It is important to increase the security inside your home to prevent thieves from breaking in and for repairs, one should call emergency locksmith service in London. This article states the facts around burglary, and you can use this information to prepare. Burglars can attack anytime without warning, and the best solution to protect your property is to prepare for their arrival. Make sure that you will always lock your homes especially if you are leaving to prevent the thieves from breaking in, and use heavy duty padlocks that can’t be easily opened without the keys. Here are some of the facts that you should also remember regarding the crime to help you prepare.

The facts about a burglary in the United Kingdom

  • According to recent studies, burglary incidents have increased in the United Kingdom. Every forty seconds, a burglary incident is reported. This would mean that every day, 2,160 incidents of burglary are recorded all over the country. This is alarming especially if you are always leaving your home to go to school or work. When you sleep at night, you would also think constantly about the burglars because they might attack, leaving you uncomfortable.
  • Three-quarters of all the burglars who are breaking inside the homes found out that the doors are left open and are not properly locked. This is why buying a strong and durable lock is important – if the thieves could not open the locks no matter what they do, they would leave the property alone and transfer somewhere else.
  • Every year, the authorities in the United Kingdom are recording almost one million incidents of burglary. The authorities believe that the number might be higher because other incidents are left unreported. They urged the public to report all incidents of burglary so that they can track it down and they can create a study of why it keeps on happening and how people can protect them.
  • 25% of all burglary victims have experience burglary more than once. These people need to buy durable locks and strong security features that would help them deter criminals.
  • 56% of all burglary incidents in the United Kingdom happened at night, and authorities are stating that installing a motion detecting light would deter burglars from entering your property. However, daytime burglaries are also common, at 44%. The majority of all burglary incidents in the United Kingdom were carried out without a plan. It means that the burglar only saw an opportunity to a break-in, and stole everything that they can while the owner of the property is unaware of what is happening. In relation to this report, researchers found out that 57% of all burglaries in the country occurred at a time when the occupants are inside. They might be sleeping softly in the middle of the night, or preoccupied with other tasks if the incident happened during the day.
  • 1/3 of all people who installed a burglar alarm on their homes are not really activating it. This is one of the reasons why burglars are confident that they will never be caught.
  • Authorities are stating that in the 1990s, burglary incidents in the United Kingdom are in constant decline, but everything changed in the 2010s decade because they are seeing a rising trend. In 2017 alone, there were 10,500 more incidents compared to the previous year, and it is expected that this number will continue to rise as more undocumented migrants from various countries are coming into the United Kingdom without any jobs.
  • The police in the United Kingdom are not efficient when it comes to burglary cases. In the last six years, 17,000 individuals who are working at the police department have been fired from the job because of these unresolved cases. In the same period, only 8% of the total 500,000 burglary cases were resolved. 92% of all the cases that were reported never had a resolution.

Who are the victims of burglary incidents in the United Kingdom?

The most common victims of burglary incidents in the country are single parents who are living with their children in urban areas – for example, London. These parents are too preoccupied with their jobs, and they are always sending their children to school. As a result, their homes are left empty, making it a great opportunity for thieves to break in. The second-highest percentage of burglary victims are the elderly. Burglars think of the elderly as an easy target, and the authorities are urging the senior population of the United Kingdom to invest in tighter security features that would give them more protection against burglars.

Who are the burglars?

88% of all burglars in the United Kingdom are males, while 6% are females. The remaining 6% are a combination of male and female burglars who are working together and planned for the attack. Researchers have also revealed that around half of all the burglars are known to their victims, while the other half are strangers. This would mean that people should be vigilant when it comes to the people they know. When a victim knows a person, they can enter without forcing their way in. The victims would willingly open their homes for the burglars since they know each other. The burglars are also young – their age ranges from 16 years old to 24 years old. Many of the burglars are doing the crime because they are drug addicts. They are looking for a quick way on how they can get the money to sustain their addiction.

How much does a burglary incident costs?

In the United Kingdom, when a home experienced burglary, the owners are expected to spend £2,833 that will be used to repair the damage and to replace the items that were stolen. Most of the damages are from broken windows or broken doorknobs that were destroyed to enter the property. The repairs can last for a day, but what hurt the most would be the items that were stolen inside the house. Some of the stolen items might have a sentimental value to the owner, and it would be difficult to replace it because the value is lost.

What are the most common things that are stolen by burglars?

Cash is the most common thing stolen by the burglars when they break inside your home. The best way to prevent burglars from stealing your cash is to hide it away from sight. You can use a durable safe where you can keep your cash, and hide it in a place where it can’t be found. Jewelry is also a favorite target, and because of its high value, the burglars would want to steal it from your home. Hide your jewelry pieces inside a safe or a secure place if you don’t want it to get stolen.

Electronics are also one of the most common things that are stolen inside a house. This can include your television set, radio, and gaming consoles. These items are easy to steal and there are a lot of buyers who patronize cheaper products. Power tools are also being stolen more commonly in the United Kingdom because these are expensive, and it can be easy for the burglar to sell it.

Burglars would also steal drugs and alcohol inside a home if they spot it. They would want to feed their addiction, and they will grab the opportunity to steal these items if they found it inside your house. Finally, your identity can also be stolen. Burglars can steal your IDs, and they will take out loans under your name. They can also use your credit cards to make purchases online.

How can you protect your home from burglars?

Investing in a high-security lock is a great idea to protect your home from burglars. Make sure that you lock your front and back doors using these durable keys to keep the burglars away. These locks are designed to survive the threats associated with burglary. It can’t break easily, even when using power tools. If you are in London and you lost your key, you can always call an emergency locksmith service in London. The emergency locksmith service in London have the tools to open your home. You should also lock your windows, or install grills that will deter thieves from breaking in. You should also install a double lock on your doors to make it more secure at night. Most burglaries are happening when people are in the middle of their sleep. Make sure that you activate your burglar alarm if you have one, especially if you will be leaving your home without anyone inside. Installing CCTV can also help you determine who the burglars are.


The only way to protect your home is by installing a strong locking mechanism or security feature that would deter thieves from breaking in. Make sure that the locks you purchase are of high quality and could never break even if the thieves are applying too much force. You should also take the keys with you wherever you go to make sure that no one will be able to enter your home. If you ever forget where you put your keys, you can always rely on London Locksmith 24h to lock you out, and this emergency locksmith service in London has a lot of positive reviews. You can check out the service page here to get in depth view of the products and services as well as other related services on the website. Emergency locksmith service in London has helped a lot of people who were locked out.


Best Locks for Your Money

Door locks are one of the most important parts of our homes and are designed to keep us and our homes safe.

It can be confusing, however, trying to find the right door lock for you. They vary in design, style, and most importantly – cost. So, let’s dive into the most common and most durable types of locks that won’t break your budget.


Deadbolts are the most commonly used locks on most residential homes, and they offer superior security. You can choose whether you want the lock to be a single, or double cylinder.

The difference between the two is in how you unlock it from the inside. Your single cylinder deadbolt can be opened with a key from the outside and the double cylinder requires a key from both sides.

You can get a high-quality deadbolt lock online for about $25.


A good lockset doesn’t have to put a dent in your budget. These are medium security locks but don’t let that deter you. They’re more than secure enough for your house or apartment.

They are often combined with a deadbolt and have 2 doorknobs – one that can be unlocked from the inside with a button, and one that needs a key to be unlocked from the outside.

You can get a quality lockset for about $60.

Mortise Locks

Though they usually come with a bit of a higher price tag than cylindrical locks, mortise locks offer more durability, strength, and resistance. They have stronger construction and components, and a convenient feature that releases both the latch and the deadbolt at the same time when you turn the lever.

They also come in a variety of different styles to fit any aesthetic.

You can get these locks for about $35 on Amazon.

Keyless Locks

Keyless locks offer you advanced security, and you can most often find them on cars. However, they are becoming more popular with home and business owners.

You can open keyless locks in a few different ways: by using an electronic card reader, wirelessly with a remote, or by a keypad.

Some keyless door locks are compatible with garage door openers and can be connected to your home security system.

They come at a higher price point, but you can find high-quality keyless locks for under $200. Your initial investment will be worth it.

Home security is nothing to be taken for granted, and it starts with the basics – door locks. Each lock has its pros and cons, so do your research before you make your choice. For help with your new lock installation, reach out to24/7 London Locksmith today!


Essential Questions to Ask Before Contacting an Emergency Locksmith Service

There are times when you are going to do an internet search such as ‘Emergency Locksmith near me.’ However, you should make sure you do your due diligence first. Here’s some information on what to consider.

24 Hour Service

Emergency services from a locksmith are the kind that will not help you all that much if they aren’t available around the clock. After all, you never know when you’re going to experience a problem that will require a solution right now. It’s common for people to lock their keys inside of their house accidentally.

If this is happening, you are going to make sure that there’s a 24-hour locksmith service available to help you out. You don’t want to call them up and realize that they don’t have what you need or are not rendering service at odd hours of the day. Or, perhaps, there’s only an answering service instead of someone who can send a locksmith out to you immediately.

Type of Emergency

Make sure that when they call themselves an emergency locksmith service provider, they live up to that name. They should be available round the clock to fix automobiles lock problems, burglary repairs, and situations wherein you are locked outside the PVC doors or windows of your home or office.

London Locksmith is available 24/7 to help you out in any and every kind of lock emergency at your residential area or workplace. Talking about emergencies, it is equally important to make sure that the emergency locksmith specializes in repairing all kinds of locks. An expert locksmith will be able to handle tactfully and resolve specific problems with ease.

Area Of Operation

Make sure that the emergency locksmith service providers can deliver service within 30 minutes of registering the complaint. They should operate at your location to ensure a quick resolution to the problem.

London Locksmith, a 5 star rated locksmith service provider, has a mobile team that operates at all the locations of Greater London and the significant outskirts of London such as Harrow, Romford, Hounslow arriving at your address in less than 30 minutes.


Another important consideration is how quickly they will be able to send someone out to you and how quickly they will arrive. You hardly want to wait around for hours because they were sleeping or they were so far away that you have to wait.

It’s essential to check the place that you decide to go with to see how long it’s going to be. This is also something that it’s a good idea to check for in reviews as well. You can also check on the site or even ask the service directly whether they will guarantee a specific time.

For example, some emergency locksmiths near me say that they can get to your place in less than 30 minutes. The London Locksmith, 24 Hour group, says this, for example. Our team of professionals will be at your location in less than 25 minutes and will make sure the lock is no longer an issue, no matter the time of the day.


Also, go with a service that provides a solid warranty on the work. Ideally, this should be an entire year like the London Locksmith group. Our extensive range of British locks comes with 365 days of warranty. You don’t want to have the work not hold up as this can cause all sorts of additional problems when it comes to something as crucial as your locks.

Professional Experience

Another thing to double-check for is that the locksmiths that you hire have plenty of experience. You don’t want technicians that haven’t dealt with your exact problem a hundred times before. It could quickly become a disaster. Get assurances that only experts will be working on your locks, especially knowing they have experience with the exact lock and situation involved. The London Locksmith professionals are qualified and hold extensive experience in resolving different locking scenarios successfully.


We will always recommend you to hire an insured locksmith. Why? Because they are reliable and reputable and are only employed by companies that hold a reputation in the community and industry. An uninsured and uncertified locksmith might not necessarily have the right tools and knowledge to work around different lock problems. But insured locksmiths are adequately trained. From installation, repair, and replacement, an insured locksmith will guarantee a work that will last for years to come.

Furthermore, it is essential to note that lock installation, repair, and replacement can be a tedious and complicated job. It might lead to accidents or mishappening, leading to damage or people sustaining injuries. All locksmiths at London locksmith are insured. An insured locksmith will take responsibility for the accident and compensate for the damage done. An insured locksmith will keep you covered, giving you the much-needed peace of mind.


Check any place that you’re considering for its reliability and rating on various review sites online. Ideally, you’ll go with a locksmith service that has five stars, such as the London Locksmith group. It’s also a good idea to check as many review sites as you can, such as Yelp, Google, and many others, for different types of information. While browsing for the right locksmith, you can always ask for a client list to get direct feedback, and if they have a website, make it a point to check out their testimonial section. And then make a well-informed decision.

Confirm that they are as available, speedy, and reliable as they claim they are on their website. You can go through all the reviews to see how people think about each place you’re visiting to get a sense of their criteria.


It also helps to check to see what kind of general services they have there to get everything done that you need to get done. For example, you may need to be concerned about specific doors and locks on their site.

It would be helpful if a company has the capability of doing multiple different kinds of jobs as well, including auto jobs, residential, commercial, and whatever else. Without the right versatility and background, you can’t be as assured they know how to get into your house carefully and without any further problems.


You’ll want a place that has been vetted by the police to make sure that everyone on staff has a reputable background. Police vetting ensures that the locksmiths employed for your job are reliable and will conduct their work with compliance and integrity. Make sure they have locations under 30 minutes from you, and that they are available around the clock.

You’ll want to see that they have the proper credentials and papers on hand to prove that they are who they say they are.

Other Considerations

It’s essential to try to go with a group that can get you immediate assistance. But also that they can do so with the latest technologies available. They should be able to promptly suggest the latest technology solution to the problem and implement it with equal effectiveness. Combining that with a decent warranty, like a year-long warranty, is also going to be necessary. Getting all of these together is an integral part of what you can do to make sure that you get the service that you want.

You are also going to want efficient locks that are brand new if you have to replace them after an emergency. You’re going to want multiple keys for any replaced lock after such a case as well. A company that will give you upgrades on request as a matter of routine is also a critical factor when considering a locksmith in London.

Additionally, check and compare the prices offered between the different companies to ensure you’re getting the service at an affordable cost. It is essential to know whether the locksmith service will charge on an hourly basis, or the cost will depend on the complexity level of the tasks.

Also, check that they provide emergency services. Ideally, you should be able to purchase a ten-minute service if it’s a quick fix. This is often the case with emergency services, after all. Please make sure that the company has adequate insurance and that they work with other companies that have decent insurance as well, such as those that provide locks.

Getting Help

In the end, you need to make sure that you call the best Emergency Locksmith near you, and that is going to be London Locksmith 24h. Don’t hesitate to go ahead and contact them as soon as you can to fix your problem quickly and efficiently. This company has every single one of the criteria you are looking for in a locksmith company at the highest level.

Emergency Locksmith Near Me Overview

If you’re searching for an ‘Emergency Locksmith service near me,’ know that we will fit all of your requirements. Call or visit LondonLocksmith24h.co.uk today!